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The Way Things Are

As a family, our morning routine needs work. Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten, and despite our efforts to arrive early, we did not even manage to arrive on time. Scarlett wears a uniform, I had planned quick and easy breakfast options, Rob was up early to shower. But it didn’t matter, because, not to be dramatic, everything takes us forever.

Today we actually had to wake Scarlett up for school. This child has never had to be woken up for anything, but we were told that kindergarten can be exhausting, and that appears to be a true story. She rolled around for a few minutes before springing out of bed, ready for another day. Oh, to wake up like that. She then proceeded to eat two pieces of toast and a banana as though it were a three course meal that she was reviewing for The New York Times, by which I mean sloooowly. I know we’ll get the hang of this, and I really don’t want to stress her out, but watching someone get ready at a snail’s pace turns out to be one of my least favorite things.

On the plus side, the first day of kindergarten was fantastic. She may have been the last kid in the class, but it was a mellow morning and no one seemed to mind. It was a half day, only three hours long, and Rob and I attended a parent orientation meeting after dropping her off. I spent the rest of the morning sitting outside, getting to know other parents, before it was time for early pickup. Scarlett was disappointed when it was time to leave, which I consider a very good sign.

Chatting with the other moms and dads felt so normal. I really liked everyone and I felt like we were going to be part of a great community. As we left, I was tired but definitely in high spirits. Things are good.

But things are hard, too. Read More>

Kinder Kid

The Great Kindergarten Search of 2015 is over for us, and we are very happy with the results. For the next nine years, Scarlett will be attending a school with tons of outdoor space, great teachers, and a lunch program that makes me jealous.

But she was not initially thrilled by this news, mainly because she is in a contrary phase. “Daddy and I have something exciting to talk to you about!” I said, once our decision was made.

“It’s not exciting!” she yelled, after I had given my spiel, full of warm and fuzzy observations about the school. She dashed out of the room.

“I think you might have oversold that,” Rob said.

Perhaps. First of all, it did not involve Care Bears. Second, Scarlett doesn’t know the details of The Great Search, which included the difficult decision to leave her current school, a wonderful place that offered her a spot through 8th grade. She doesn’t know that we spent months going to tours and open houses, filling out applications and sending emails. She doesn’t know that last weekend was spent trying to determine where she would thrive for the next nine years of her life, a discussion neither Rob nor I took lightly. Read More>