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Self Serve

I’m often in a little bit of a bad mood before lunch. I remind myself that it’s just because I’m hungry, and that I’ll feel better as soon as I eat. Still, it’s not a good time for me to talk to other people, and that includes the people who are here in the house with me. Before lunch, I am often very quiet and secretly simmering. This never used to be a problem for me before ALS, when I had a predictable appetite and could attend to all of my own concerns. But now that I move so little, I’m rarely hungry…until suddenly I’m famished.

I try to take in a lot of calories during the day, but my stomach is the size of a child’s fist, and it tightens around half a bowl of soup. They say to eat often when you have ALS, to keep your energy and your weight up. I do my best. I miss snacks – – a concept that really only applies if you can eat without assistance. If someone else is feeding you, it’s not a snack, it’s just someone else feeding you between regular meals. And so, in yet another way, ALS renders me not quite myself. I don’t know who I am anymore, I’ve said more than once. So much of my identity was wrapped up in my physical abilities, whether it was long-distance running or near-professional tortilla chip consumption. Read More>

I’m Not Done

May is ALS awareness month. I’m sure that anyone reading this post is more than aware of ALS at this point, but let’s keep talking about it anyway. Otherwise this might have to be a blog devoted to my love of tortilla chips. Happy Cinco de Mayo, by the way. And how about that Ted Cruz? No! Stop! This is an ALS blog. Puppies.

ALS TDI is running a campaign this month called #InThreeWords. They are asking people to come up with three words to explain how ALS makes them feel. I thought it was something that Scarlett and I would do together, but that didn’t work out as planned, and you can hear why by watching this 1-minute video I made to share my three words. It’s G rated. Read More>