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An update on #whatwouldyougive:

$115,556 raised
60 fundraisers
1208 donors

You can see pictures here at our Instagram account, and it’s not late to donate or to join the team!


I think I should take a shower. Actually, I know I should take a shower. I haven’t showered since Monday,  and there’s really no excuse for it, except for the fact that I haven’t had any time. And so my hair is dirty, and it itches, which is particularly frustrating for someone whose hands can’t reach their head to scratch. I have solved the problem by rubbing the back of my head against my loaner wheelchair — because my own wheelchair is back in maintenance — and this sort of works until I become disgusted by the fact that I am rubbing my head against a loaner wheelchair and I have no idea who was sitting in it before me.

I am not disgusted enough to stop using the chair to scratch my head. Read More>