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Happy Thanksgiving! In some ways, I feel like announcing what you’re thankful for today is like telling people that you love them only because it’s February 14. We should be thinking about what we’re grateful for on a daily basis. It’s a good exercise, and it tends to tone down the general frustration of your average, say, Tuesday, when you spill a bottle of water all over the floor, or you’re late getting out the door and your daughter learns the word fuck, or you realize that your pants are on backward. I mean you, not me. None of that stuff ever happened to me this week.

I know I’ve mentioned being grateful on this blog before. I’ve written about some of the specific people for whom I am thankful, and I’ve told them to their faces that they make my life better. Then after they told me I was freaking them out, I backed up a few inches and said it in a calmer voice. So, you know, they know how I feel. Read More>