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Hands On

I have bright purple nails. They will last for at least three weeks, and probably longer. It’s just regular nail polish, not the gel or no-chip kind that is supposed to withstand the tsunami of running a household. I don’t need that kind anymore. When I used to wear regular nail polish, it would chip within two days, helped along by my fluttering fingers that were always in motion. But now, it lasts forever. I don’t cook, I don’t clean, I don’t bathe my child or wash my own hair. I don’t even have the energy to pick at the polish the way I used to, and so my hands always look nice now, my skin soft, the nails short and square. Thanks, ALS.

Sometimes it’s nice to have other people do things for you. I’ve always liked getting my nails done, as opposed to doing them myself. And I’ve never cut my own hair… Wait, I take that back, I did once cut my own hair in my early 20s by putting it in a ponytail and lopping off the tail part. That was pretty satisfying in an I’m going to regret this later kind of way.

But there’s lots of self care that’s just better to do yourself. Flossing, for example. I know I should consider myself lucky that I have an assistant who is willing to floss my teeth, and I do. But still. Read More>